Introduction to phpEquations

What is phpEquations?

phpEquations is an award-winning PHP class for solving mathematical equations. It is written in pure PHP which means that, it solve equations without interacting with any software or external library in background. It can solve single equation as well as system of equations, while equations can be linear or polynomial.

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How it works?

It uses Newton's method for solving equations. Required Jacobian matrix is evaluated numerically at each iteration. It also uses a special technique which maximizes speed by reducing a large problem into smaller problems with less number of variables.

Where to use?

Solving equations can have many applications in engineering and sciences. phpEquations can be used for solving equations in web applications written in PHP.

How to use?

phpEquations can be used in PHP codes as follow:

1. Include phpequations.php class in codes. This may be required only once.
2. Declare object as phpequations and call object's function solve(equations).

Results of function are obtained as array ([variable]=>value).

Click here to see live demonstration of phpEquations.


Naveed ur Rehman