Salient features of phpEquations


1. phpEquations class is packaged in a single file.
2. Class file is required to include just one time, may be at top of code.
3. There is no limitation on number of objects referencing class.
4. Package comes with several examples for using and customizing class objects.


1. Class is architectured so that, it can solve equations using just one function call solve(equations).
2. Only secured mathemtical functions are allowed.
3. Maximum processing time limit, result accuracy, iterations, iteration step and maximum number of variables can be set. 4. Errors can be catched without disturbing program execution.


1. Equations can be entered in natural format.
2. Linear, polynomial and triginometric equations can be solved
3. System of equations can also be solved.
4. To increase processing speed, large problems are automatically reduced to smaller set of problems with less number of variables.
5. Single-line comments can be added using // some comments...


Not recommended for solving large matrices as sparse matrix techniques are not incorporated.